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We're all about visibility for your business.

  We build your website from the ground up; our own code, crafted for you. It's the age of competition, and potential clients won't think twice about pursuing the services of others.

  How can you find the hours in the day necessary to add yet another task to your already full schedule? It's a well-known fact that entrepreneurs work harder and longer than corporate jockeys; think you can fit in learning more? What about leading marketing projects like:

  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliation Marketing
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Demographic Research
  • Online Advertisement Campaigns

A Business is more than a Good Idea

  The greatest product ever created will never sell without visibility to the general public, but there's only so many hours in the day. So the choice is to either make your product greater while weakening your presence, or increase your presence while your product weakens.

  Either way, it's a gamble that will echo for the rest of your business.

  Tekky.Guru mitigates that gamble by managing your visibility for you in a variety of ways. From us making a website for you in HTML or WordPress to graphic design of logo's and flyers, from billboards to campaign analytics; with our services, the only limit you have to concern yourself with is you (finally).

  Did you know that many businesses that offer website construction don't know how to code at all? They outsource, and receive the code back for a percentage of what you paid. If the code doesn't work, the business owner is back to where he started. We stand by our code; 404's', 303's, and any baked-in functionality will be operational before we place it live. Because we can actually write code.

Incoming Features

All established clients will soon be able to manage their "Guru Portfolio" from the comfort of their own home! Features will be the ability to pay their bills online (through encrypted third party services), exploring personalized suggestions for furthering their brand, and contracts that have been completed or are currently in process.
We firmly believe that the pursuit of knowledge is paramount in life, and are very excited for this page. From explanations of how certain code-structures work, to scrapped designs, we hope that this page gives us room to grow in services, as you learn how our services work. We do more than making your website. We show you how we do it!
A client-only feature, DemoSnap will allow you to find areas with a high concentration of a specific demographic; whether you're searching for areas that primarily make over 200k annually, or what area has the most teenagers, DemoSnap is our idea of business demographics, made easy.

Minimum 6 Month Contract

  • Apprentice
  • $200 / Month
  • Up to 3 social media profiles
  • Creative design and posting
  • Consistent & relative posting
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Guru
  • $600 / Month
  • All of Apprentice Level
  • Unlimited Social Media Profiles
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Monthly Online Advertisements
  • 1 Free Photoshoot
  • Wizard
  • $1000 / month
  • All of Guru Level
  • Free Monthly Photoshoot
  • Monthly Competitor Online Analysis
  • Priority Access to Developed Business Tools
  • Custom Videos and Animations for your business

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Website Design and Construction

We specialize in building websites for every business; whether you're providing a service for local clientele, SaaS, or wanting to sell items on the website directly, we have the expertise and passion.

Social Media

The sheer number of social media platforms is as innumerable as they are insufferable to the average small business owner. We help you decide which platforms your business needs to be on, and training on how to present your business. Not enough? We also offer full social media control, where we post, manage, and curate for you. Experience the benefits of being plugged in, while you still focus on your business.

Vitality Monitoring

We stay plugged in 24/7 to monitor everything that we've done. Whether your website is being DDoS'd, your social media is being targeted by a random group, or someone just left a distasteful Yelp review, we know it before your clients do.

Timely Response

Some people hide when catastrophe strikes; that can be fatal to any business, and we respect your hard work. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that we stand by a 24-hour guarantee for all requests.


With a combination of our SEO, advertising, and offline campaigns, you can be sure that people will know that you exist (and are generally awesome). Your current visibility is never enough.

Performance Metrics

Spending money on visibility without tracking your return on investment (RoI) is akin to throwing money out of the window. Don't do that. We offer monthly & weekly performance analysis to see how we're doing, and to figure out if we need to change.

Circle of Friends

We're always networking with local, national, and international businesses to find the greatest advantage for our clients. From print shops that give discounts for our patronage, to billboard companies that have a sudden opening that needs filled, our networking turns into increased opportunity.

Online Advertising

We control the headache of a process that is getting your advertisements online; from Google to Bing, Apple to Facebook, we get your business in front of people in a way that actually has results.

Become the Guru